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3 Epic Hairstories - Organic T-Shirt Designs

Posted on September 25 2019

3 Epic Hairstories - Organic T-Shirt Designs


Our hair, women’s hair…it’s emotional, political, sometimes laughable…all the way to the bank apparently as the UK adds up to £6.6 billion to the economy through the sale of hair (& beauty) services products and treatments.

Black women reportedly spend up to three times more on their hair than their white counterparts totalling a staggering £88 million a year in sales.

I’ve worn my hair in a variety of different styles since I was a little girl. Mum used to corn row the front into a little bun, at the back she’d add several single plaits and adorn them with multi- coloured beads. My hair would turn into a musical instrument percussing as I did gymnastics on the living room floor. I loved the hairdo but hated the agony my scalp would go through to get it.

Every once in a while my hair would be pulled out into a giant Afro, celebrated for its softness, lustre and length. It felt like a giant balloon, so light and airy. The look completely dwarfed my little face, it felt grown up, special and I loved it.

Years later I experimented with relaxers, but quickly discovered I was no good with the maintenance, so my friend would add extensions, taking my seven centimetre hair to well over 30 centimetres, in a just a few hours.

It was more like 10 hours and we’d do that every few weeks! Getting my hair done was a labour of love. Thank you Andrea Bonita Jordan for your dedication.

Before I began using human hair for my extensions, I used synthetic 1B, to stop the ends from unravelling you'd have to burn the ends. One time when my husband watched me do this, he asked why I put plastic in my hair and I was taken aback, because it never occurred to me that he had an opinion of what I did with my hair, and for once I didn’t have a clever answer.

After that episode, I thought long and hard on why I put myself and my friend through the arduous plaiting process. It was mainly for maintenance and to help my hair grow. But it never did, weeks later when I took the extensions out my hair would be exactly the same length.

I decided to locs up and grew my hair into beautiful long dreadlocks, but chopped them all off a year after having my son. I wanted a change!

For a brief time I enjoyed the hassle free, low maintenance daring clipper cut no.1, but sheepishly returned to extensions after being mistaken for a young man one time too many!

Finally, I met a girl who educated me about Sisterlocks, a method of locking hair using a unique grid system and a special tool to interlock several strands of hair together. I got my Sisterlocks over ten years ago, which by the sounds of this blog is the longest I’ve kept a hair style.

Recently I saw a picture of myself as a child with that giant Afro, it became the inspiration for Dark Romantix Hairstories, a series of illustrations of women with great hair. We have Afro Diva, Temptress and Locs Queen each with their own hair story intrinsically linked to their style of choice. See the designs close up below!

What hair story would you like to see represented in this collection?

Leave a comment below with your recommendation and yours might be the next hair story added.






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