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5 Power Words to Change Your Interior - Part Two

Posted on November 02 2021

5 Power Words to Change Your Interior - Part Two

It's easy to make the mistake of rushing to Instagram, Pinterest or interior magazines to “have a look” at what other people are doing with their interiors, when you’re starting a new project.

But, blindly copying someone else’s vision doesn’t leave room for injecting your personal style or understanding their reasoning behind choosing a particular look.

You'd think the hundreds of interior blogs, gajillion images and reams of magazines would be an excellent resource (they are later). But, in the beginning I they think they cause more confusion than clarity!


My go to solution...

A simple, yet effective technique I learned at Interior Design School, and have adapted for my own practice. I use it with my clients, friends who ask advice and my own projects.

Start with...

The Power of 5

From 5 power words you'll get so much information on the kind of interior you want to create. Making this a game changer for choosing: colours, materials, textures and finishes.

Interior Design and Decorating are a series of decisions, that alter, adapt and adjust. So you get to create what you envision.

My technique is brilliant for: 

  • taking the overwhelm out of choice
  • grounding ideas in reality.
  • keeping you on track when you want to wander off (Magpie syndrome!)
  • communicating your ideas to contractors, designers, retailers, stylists
  • making the interior change process fun
  • helping you express your creativity even if you think you don't have any

In our first issue of The Dark Romantix Edit, I shared when to use The Power of 5. For:

  • starting a new project
  • when you're stuck and needing inspiration to move things along
  • wanting to align your ideas with your partner (do the exercise together!)
  • seeking inspiration for your interior concept
  • when you're eager to change your style

(Recap Part One here!) 

Part Two - How to use get the most from The Power of 5

Let’s use the 5 words I chose when it came to redecorating my home as an example, they were:

Eclectic, Cosy, Layered, Sensual & Dramatic


  1. Choose one of your words, (for this example) we’ll go with - Eclectic
  2. On a piece of paper, tablet, laptop or phone
  3. Quickly make a list of new words that you associate with your word (see my rough example below!)
  4. And brain dump!
  5. Don’t overthink and absolutely no Googling or Thesaurus - allow your words to come from the heart
  6. Then repeat steps 1-5 with each of your chosen words

What you'll end up with is a long list of words - true!

More important and exciting is what emerges:

  1. Style: Unique, Maximalist, Bohemian, Vintage, Story
  2. Colour palette: Colourful, patterned
  3. Furniture/Artwork: Antique, Vintage
  4. Emotion: Cosy, Sensual, Timeless
  5. Finish: Mixed materials, Layered

Then do you see - you begin to cut out all the noise. Reduce overwhelm and begin to focus on your vision.

This is why this exercise is so powerful. When you choose your five words, you can always check back and ask yourself when choosing colours, furniture, accessories, lighting, textures and finishes...

Does this fit into my 5 words?

And if it doesn't, you'll know what to do.

Play with this exercise, it is designed to be creative, fun and to make the whole process of doing up your place, enjoyable.

Let me know how you get on.

In next month's issue I'll share the next step...not what you might think. No rushing to magazines just yet!

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