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5 Things to Think About When Choosing a New Floor

Posted on November 02 2021

5 Things to Think About When Choosing a New Floor

5 Things to Think About When Choosing a New Floor

We've recently had our floors sanded and stained. It's been a disruptive, messy process, in the end totally worth it because the results are stunning. 

Before our floorboards were an orangey, yellow colour, there were squeaky boards in the bedroom and the hallway floor was mismatched.

We had a few things to consider

1. Heat

2. Sound

3. Light

4. Weight

5. Finish

Let's look at these briefly:

No.1 - Heat 

Are you adding porcelain tiles to a cold room? You might want to consider underfloor heating and factor that into your budget. Wooden floors expand and contract in the changing seasons, make sure your fitter knows what he or she is doing to take this into consideration.

No.2 - Sound

Think about the sound proofing of your new floor. If you live in an old conversion will floorboards be noisy for your neighbours? Is there a way you can soundproof to reduce disturbance.

No.3 - Light 

Is the room you're giving a new floorcovering filled with natural daylight, or is it a little on the dark side. Remember dark colours absorb light so if using floorboards, you might want to use a satin varnish to create a reflection. This can brighten up a space.

No.4 - Weight 

Imagine you're redoing your kitchen or bathroom. Tiles can be heavy, sometimes the floor may need to be reinforced before you lay them down. Ask these questions of retailers, contractors before you purchase. Just in case because reinforcing the floor will cause another expense.

No.5 - Finish 

Even if you're choosing carpet there are several different blends to choose from, each with their own feel. In the carpet shop, make sure you walk barefoot on the sample to get an idea of how it will feel in your home.

Have a look at the before and after shots of my home, where we recently had the floors sanded and stained a beautiful, dark, ebony colour.

The finish is satin to reflect the light as the second living room doesn't receive much natural daylight!


I hope you like the finished look. I haven't put the house back together yet, so will share more pictures when I do.

Take care



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