Add a Layer of Sensuality to Your Walls

Posted on May 07 2022

Add a Layer of Sensuality to Your Walls



Dark_Romantix_Amaryllis_No1Dark_Romantix_AmaryllisNo2Dark_Romantix_AmaryllisNo3Dark_Romantix_AmaryllisNo4Amaryllis by Sharon Simpson for Dark Romantix ©


We’ve begun a lovely weekend ritual. Columbia Road flower market, Sunday mornings.

If you live close, love a browse and morning melée.

I recommend you visit. The earlier the better, it’s getting busy!

Expect a of feast flowers, sights of huge bouquets wrapped in brown paper, clutched in the hands of the proud customers. I often think I see pride in the faces of the people who buy bouquets, and wonder where their prized bunch would go!

The brown paper seems like a Columbia Road signature.

The main event, the flowers are superb! I’ve bought long stemmed lilies, ranunculus, birds of paradise and these stunning Amaryllis, photographed days after the flowers appeared.

Once I got them home I cut off about one inch from the bottom, put them in a large, tear dropped shaped vase and filled with a little bit of water. The vase was part of a haul I picked up from one of my local florists, she was selling vase stock she no longer wanted.

I could never have imagined how incredible these three simple stems would look. I thought at first they might be too minimalist, sparse even.  But I guess against the backdrop of my house, the deep red flowers glowed against the dark backdrop.

After a few days in a little water, the flowers unfolded to reveal these luxurious, velvety, inviting insides. I was so excited to capture the strange beauty of these flowers.

For me, the flowers are at once subtle and show offy.

It’s a duality the Amaryllis holds with ease.

I photographed them in my living room, against the door, which is painted in Valspar’s, Sooty Lashes. As is the rest of the room.

Using only the natural light from the bay windows, a 50mm Prime lens and occasionally my room divider screen to block out some light, this is what I captured. I love the fall off with this lens, the way the background softens out of focus.

Photographing these flowers I had to get as close as possible, whilst staying as still as I could…some might be unhappy with the minimal blur, but I love it, I think the effect eases the image on the senses.

What do you think?

I think they’ve emerged as beautiful pieces of sultry art, undulating with layers of velvet and soft, luscious textures that ooze from the flowers.

There’s sensuality, romance and a bit of dark drama that, I think, would compliment modern, maximalist, contemporary and eclectic interiors.

The Amaryllis is an enticing flower. As a winter plant, the season for buying more down the market is over for now. I’m already looking forward to being drawn in again to find out if I can discover the secret of what makes the Amaryllis so beautiful.





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