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I'm Not Shy, I'm Aloof - Speak Your Mind T-Shirts

Posted on May 05 2019

I'm Not Shy, I'm Aloof - Speak Your Mind T-Shirts

***this post contains graphic language***

Can you relate: Some people say shit about you and for the longest time you’ve tried to not be what they say you are. Because you wanted to please them, to fit into their narrow view of you, to be accepted, to be loved and not judged…but no matter what you do they still want to tell you about yourself.

Hell some girls who are supposed to be your friends go out of their way to list the folk they know who find you a little off.

You’ve grinned and taken it with a smile, because you’re polite…up until now!

Here’s an alternative rebellious reply:
Fuck You Very Much! You’re right about me, you’ve always been right about me and now I’m gonna own it…

All those times I’ve been telling you I’m Shy and you said that I’m Aloof, guess who’s right…?

All those times you asked whether I was tired, no darling, you’re boring…all those times when you’ve complained that I’m Fussy and I’ve insisted that I’m Discerning, I accept and hold my hands up to my truth…I Am Fussy, I Am Aloof, I Am Me…I’m gonna wear it, own it and be proud, now what’ve you got to say?

Modelled here by actress and model Renèe Castle...also available in white...





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