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Posted on August 07 2019


Spell it out, what word of phrase would you use these cool concrete letters for?

Keep it clean...!

Originally I wanted to make ornamental letters from plaster of Paris.

Singage letters are a big thing, with big prices to match!

These solid little blocks of cement are a fablous alternative and look good anywhere they're placed.

I headed off to the university of YouTube, to learn brain surgery, but stuck to my guns and searched how to make letters from plaster of Paris. I discovered it was looong and way more involved than I was prepared to endeavour.

I needed a plan B...

Now, I'm wracking my brain remembering whether I came up with the bright idea to use concrete or if it was that clever little YouTube algorithm that suggested it.

Doesn't matter. After watching a short video on how to make the letters, I was inspired by the simplicity of the process so headed over to the shopping behemoth that is Amazon got my supplies: a tub of creative concrete, a silicone alphabet mould and got mixing.

My first batch were a bit ropey, so I gave them away as presents (shhhh!!!)! The more I made my technique improved and I started selling them online, here...

They're tactile little things, feel good and measure approximately 5cm (h) x 3cm (w) x 2.5 cm (d) (3 in x 1 1/4 in x 2.5 in) and weigh about 66 grammes (2 oz).

These letters make great presents, place names and ornaments, they look as good laid flat as they do standing up. Solid, tactile and cool, whereever you put them everyone loves to touch and play with them. You can paint them, decorate them or leave them raw, which is my favourite.

Because these concrete letters are all handmade they're all unique with slight variations.

What word or phrase would you spell out? 

Let me know in the comments section below...



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