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Dark Romantix Eye Of The Skull - Behind The Design

Posted on October 24 2019

Dark Romantix Eye Of The Skull - Behind The Design

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Dark Romantix Eye Of The Skull - Behind The Design

Dark Romantix Eye Of The Skull design depicts a human skull with two fully blossomed rose flowers as the eyes. The soft inviting colours of the rose contrast against the stark black, white and grey of the hard skull.

The story of this design is rooted in duality, impermanence, nothing lasts forever, beauty fades, petals wither and die, skulls decay, eventually there is death.

Skull artwork can seem morbid and I’m sure turns some people away, but, there is beauty in darkness, a confronting lesson knowing that we’re not here forever and whilst we are, fully accepting ourselves is one of our biggest challenges.

Part of the journey, I think, is to embrace both sides of ourselves (dark and light, good and bad) because one informs the other. Being open about our dark thoughts of death, for instance, can be the reason why we celebrate life.


Skull & Rose Tattoos

Skull & Rose tattoos are ubiquitously seen upon the bodies of willing tattoo enthusiasts. There are plenty different designs, a quick Instagram or Pinterest search will satiate any skull lover’s appetite seeking to ink their body.

I’ve used the skull & rose in much the same way as one would use them in a tattoo, to symbolise a deeper meaning.

Roses are synonymous with love, passion, desire, also fragility, beauty, delicateness. Apparently sailors would tattoo roses on their bodies as a reminder of loved ones left at home. The roses in this design are a symbol of love, romance, passion. Although not seen, I always imagine them with thorns, giving the message to beware, keep your distance, love can hurt.

As a child the only time I ever saw a skull was on t.v. in  pirates shows or cartoons. The pirates were always the bad guys, scary, dirty, ruthless and toothless. They’d take anything from you with a rallying Me Hearties! cry, Arrrggghhh!

But in this design the skull is here for beauty, a reminder that death is inevitable, close by, intertwined in an eternal relationship with life. The skull in my work is a suggestion to live, to enjoy and be grateful for the gift of life.

Skulls are mysterious, silent and intriguing.

My first Skull & rose design is, Perfectly Flawed, I posted a pic on Instagram with the caption…I’m counting up my flaws and realise I only have one…I’m not perfect.  

Existentialism, Man this is deep!

The oversized roses in the Eye Of The Skull overlap obscuring the nasal cavity and the eye sockets, you can just see the toothy smile!

A closer look reveals the centre of the flowers are placed directly over the hollow eye sockets, where the pupils of the eye would be. It’s almost as if there’s still life there and it’s looking right at you!

We choose not to think about our own mortality, the end, our death. It’s a subject rarely spoken about, although we’re surrounded by death every day. I’m an avid watcher of crime shows, which usually includes someone being murdered.

Kids t.v. shows are full of characters being pretend killed, the majority of Hollywood film stories are about death, murder and violence. And of course, the nightly news, serves up its daily dose of sad stories from around the globe.

It’s all around us, and as morbid as it is can be to think about death, Eye Of The Skull is a celebration of life!

[Death] it plays a crucial role in the life experience of all of us. Death and life are interdependent: though the physicality of death destroys us, the idea of death saves us
            Irvin D Yalom, Existential Psychotherapy


(In the main picture I'm wearing Eye Of The Skull Women's Oversized Organic T-Shirt, size L. It is also available in racerback, classic stretch and relaxed fit)

N.B. Please note mock ups are for visual purposes only, print may vary in colour and size on the garment.



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