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Join Me As I Create a Dramatic, Stylish Interior

Posted on August 25 2017

Join Me As I Create a Dramatic, Stylish Interior

dark_romantix_bedroom_elleAre you interested in interior design, decorating and styling? Are you doing up your home yourself, or learning how to?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions...we're on the same page!

Interior Design is a fascinating, indepth and sometimes overwhelming process, yet so very rewarding. When you have the opportunity to create the vision in your head, when you bring emotion into your home , when your breath is taken away because of something you have made, it is a magical feeling.

I'd love for you to join me as I decorate my north London home, in between studying to become an interior designer and launching a t-shirt business. It's all here folks!

Interior Design vs Interior Decorating

There's a big distinction between interior design and decorating, I've recently learned. The former is a far more involved process that could include designing the layout of a new home or kitting out a refurbishment.

I'm decorating and restyling my home and learning interior design in the process. I've chosen a dark interior, swinging the colour pendulum all the way to the other end of the spectrum, because I've always painted everything white.

I love the crispness of a white interior. It's a simple choice, when you first move into a new home, to paint everything white. I did in our last house, then began to experiment with bright coloured feature walls. Then I'd add accents of colour, but I never completely achieved the look I wanted. Now, I've learned to layer colours and textures upon each other to create a fuller asthetic.

And now, I'm ready for a challenge!

Fixer Upper Flicked A Switch

I binge watched Fixer Upper last year. Fixer Upper is a U.S. home makeover show, hosted by husband and wife team, Chip and Joanna Gaines, she's an interior designer, he's a builder. They find older properties for home buying couples, demolish, renovate then style for the home owners.

Kev, my husband, and I ended up watching it together. He usually leaves the room, or plugs his headphones in when I watch home makeover programmes, so I was surprised he got into it.

All my latent desire for interiors smoldered then bubbled to the surface.

The do it yourself flick was both of us!

We had several long conversations, me talkative with wild ideas, him gently reigning me back in. 

I wanted to redecorate using colour as a base, it was time to move away from the white backdrop I usually opted for and go for a dark interior. The task was daunting, scary, I questioned what the house would look like if I got it all wrong.

But, I found my challenge!

Going Dark In The Bedroom Inspired by An Elle Decoration Cover

I was fired up and after conversations with Kev, actually sometimes me talking at him!

We decided I could start in the bedroom because the room had no personality. My vision: dark, copper metallic, eclectic, cosy, comforting.

Our bedroom was stone, cold boring, white, maybe even brilliant white and too bright to be cosy. We hadn't done any decoration since moving in 3 years ago.  We added storage, in white: bookcases, shelves, cupboards, which we desperately needed. But too much white, which I regret. 

The black out blinds didn't work, the carpet was beige and there was no where to put anything.

I wanted the room to be much more dramatic, to feel cosy, comfortable yet sensual. I wanted to create a relaxing haven for both of us.

Kev said go for it. so I did.

Outstanding Results

The results staggered both of us, we never imagined the impact painting the walls in colour would have upon our mood in the room. Instantly our bedroom became a place we wanted to be in, we had never spent time in there before unless we were sleeping.

Suddenly we were reading there during the day. It became a new place to relax.

I loved the deep almost blue black colour on an Elle Decoration cover. It was the inspiration for my vision. Do not underestimate the power of visualisation. I had seen the colour of our bedroom in my head, but had no idea where I would find it.  Then I bought the magazine and my breath was taken away by the cover.  It felt like confirmation, a sign, if you like, to go for it!

Next step, to find the right colour!

Bringing It All Together

The search for paint began in all the usual places on the high street. 

Homebase, B & Q, but returned no good results.

Through Instagram I discovered Abigal Ahern, who is described as the queen of dark interiors. I simply love her interiors. I disovered she has a shop close by so I popped along and bought a sample of a colour called Mott.

When I first painted the colour onto the stark white wall in my bedroom, I was convinced the assistant had sold me the wrong colour, it looked like teal. Perturbed I took the sample pot back and asked if the sales assistant could check she'd given me the correct colour.

I felt a bit sheepish, like a newby when she suggested I paint more than one coat on the wall.

When I got home I immediately painted another coat over the original wall swatch and lo and behold as the paint dried the colour deepened, my heart raced as the tone became richer, sumptous, all enveloping. 

I fell in love with bedroom. Just by painting the walls, I had added emotion to what was once a boring room. Now it felt bold, dramatic yet cosy. 

I'd pulled it off. Kevin loved it, and that was all the confirmation I needed.

It's quite a remarkable feeling, to be cuddled by colour.

And I am hooked!

We removed the carpet, exposing the original floorboards, hung a pair of heavy velvet curtains dyed to the same colour, laid a Moroccon Berber rug from Boutique Yamina (sadly closed down now), bought a Victorial style dresser from a second hand shop around the corner. So close we carried the dresser home!

Put up a goose feathered pendant light by Vita (bought online) and added under shelf LED lighting. And hung a stunning piece of artwork created by Jessica Albarn, bought in Nelly Duff, Columbia Road.

The room is transformed.

Before it felt cold, empty, bland. Totally uninviting.

Now, I've created a room full of emotion. It feels delicious, comforting sensual, a warm inviting haven that we choose to spend time in.

It is by no means finished I'm always going to tinker, I can't help myself!

Please do join me as I create a dramatic, stylish, dark, colourful interior. I want to share the journey, maybe inspire you to do something in your own home. It is long, and slow...and costly but the rewards are too immense to pass up. 

Do leave me a comment below, let me know what you think of the bedroom transformation.dark_romantix_bedroom_dresser






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