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From Prison Cell Grey To Vibrant Woodland Green In Photos

Posted on September 07 2017

From Prison Cell Grey To Vibrant Woodland Green In Photos

In  the From Prison Cell Grey To Vibrant Woodland Green Video I shared my vision for decorating the downstairs toilet.

It was a drab, boring, uninspiring prison cell grey, it felt cold and uninviting. I'd avoid it a go up an extra flight of stairs to use the bathroom.

I was inspired to create a woodland scene, the room has been transformed. Take a look in pictures.

It's amazing what a little vision, self confidence and self-belief can do. I strayed from some of my original ideas, the moss on the back of the door got vetoed after I stripped it back to the natural grain. And the moss idea, I don't know where that came from! I've learned to edit ideas and not stuff them all into one space!

If you're thinking of adding bold colours to your home, start in a small room because there won't be much to change if you don't like it!

Steps to redecorating the downstairs toilet


dark_romantix_toilet_makeover_02dark_romantix_toilet_makeover_03Looking out - it's a sea of beige!

dark_romantix_toilet_makeover_04My vision to add an antique mirror took a detour when I checked out the prices! I made this one myself using Ikea mirror tiles. Check out how here.

dark_romantix_toilet_makeover_05The mirror came out better than expected. I LOVE it!

I Didn't Stop There

dark_romantix_toilet_makeover_06This outdoor framed picture was the inspiration for a frame I designed for the downstairs toilet. Here's my version...if you don't like swear words, don't scroll down!

dark_romantix_toilet_makeover_07The poster is from Nelly Duff, Columbia Road. The frame I designed myself, I had the wood cut at Thomerson's, Crouch End. Michael put grooves for the clip frame, and cut the edges to look neat. We assembled the frame and screw it directly into the wall.



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