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How 5 words can transform your interior project

Posted on October 01 2021

How 5 words can transform your interior project

Dark Romantix - Interior Tip of the Month

I like to call this

The Power of 5

I learned this incredible technique whilst studying to become an Interior Designer, and it changed my life. I've adapted it to include emotion words and teach how to use it effectively in my upcoming Online Interior Design Course.

There are several components to The Power of 5, the one I'd like to share with you is how choosing 5 words can

  • help you start a project
  • move things along if you're stuck
  • align your ideas with your partner
  • help you choose your concept
  • help you change up your style if that's what you want to do (like I'm doing with my fashion)

Set the scene, you are working on an interior project and you fall into one of the categories listed above.

To get you started, move things along or completely introduce a new style you're going to choose 5 words.

That's it...5 words.

And what these words will do for you is:

  1. keep you on track
  2. create a concept
  3. set the mood
  4. tell your story and
  5. fire up your passion

Your five words will include:

Emotion words - think of how you want to feel in the space

Style aesthetic words - what do you like: Eclectic, Maximalist, Contemporary

Here's an example of the 5 words I chose when redesigning and decorating my family home, I wanted to change my style...


Here are some words you could choose:


After you've chosen your words, I want you to grab yourself a bold marker pen and a piece of paper. Write your five words in large letters and place in a prominent place, like your fridge, your bathroom mirror or a cupboard door in the kitchen.

And you are simply going to live with your words...

Embody them, feel them?

Play word association - Think of emotions, feelings, styles, colours, moods that your 5 words make you think of

Next month I'll share the next step....

Have fun!

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