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How I Created Dark Romantix Handwritten T-Shirts For Women!

Posted on September 18 2017

How I Created Dark Romantix Handwritten T-Shirts For Women!

Since 1983 when Katharine Hamnett introduced her bold slogan t-shirts, I have wanted to create printed products. I'm excited to launch Dark Romantix Handwritten T-Shirts For Women.

It’s a good idea to hold onto your dreams because you never know when they may materialise.

During that long period of over 30 years, there have been a couple times I’ve come close to having a greetings card business, but nothing ever took off!

But the idea has never gone away. In fact, just recently I found an old notebook with designs for handmade greetings cards, which I took as a fortuitous sign!

Now I’m so excited that instead of cards, I have designed a selection of handwritten t-shirts for women. And who knew if you can print on a t-shirt, then you can print on a sweatshirt, a bag, a mug, a cushion...the opportunities are endless!


How I came up with the idea of handwritten t-shirts?

Vintage lettering, calligraphy and handwritten text have become popular. For my t-shirts I experimented with different fonts but felt they were not personal enough to my brand, so I played around with my writing and really liked the results. The reaction from friends and family has been extremely encouraging.

I love writing. I love the feel of swishy, stylish writing and have practised over the years to have beautiful handwriting. And I think mine is pretty nice, not like the horrible, illegible scrawl of doctors.

I was one of those girls at school more concerned with how my writing looked than the actual content! You know, doing circles instead of dots over the i’s, colouring different letters to make the words pop and experimenting with calligraphy.

Stationery, pens, ink, nibs, colours, paint, acrylic, were the aisles I was drawn to in Paperchase, which used to be one of my favourite stores.

Learning about Shopify, Dropshipping and Third Party Fulfilment has helped me realise all the obstacles that had prevented me from going ahead in the past are no longer there.

Time to go for it! Allow me to introduce my two collections.


How I designed my first Dark Romantix T-Shirt Collections

Between Friends was inspired by the conversations we have with our girlfriends by text, what's app and on social media. You get a message from your friend and it’ll begin with Hey Honey, fancy meeting up?

Or, your best mate signs off her What’s App messages with See Ya Sugar, bye Sweetee, or if you're anything like me you use words like: bestie, darling, mwah, superstar etc

I do all the time!

So, I went through my phone and looked up messages from my girlfriends and wrote a list of our most used words, altered the spelling to make them more funky and began writing.

Mwah! is my favourite, I love the movement in the letters, it felt great writing that one!

Our Tee-Shirt collection was inspired by uplifting words ending in the sound (tee): Positivity, Creativity, Spirituality, dropping the Y and adding EE instead!

For Pos-i-tiv-i-tee or
Cre-a-tiv-i-tee and

just add SHIRT and you have a fun play on words!

The idea is you wear a Dark Romantix Positivitee-shirt when you’re feeling great, or a Creativitee-shirt when you’re making something amazing and your Spiritualitee-shirt when doing connecting with the cosmos in downward dog.

It’s a bit of fun, bright happiness to wear and share with friends. I've got great comments whenever I've worn my samples, women absolutely love them!

I’ve had such fun designing these t-shirts.


Browse through the collections, choose your favourites.There are many different styles: sleeveless, v neck, oversized and even sweatshirts. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Thank you for stopping by, your support is invaluable. Do leave me a comment below, let me know what you think of the collections.




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