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How To Move Away from The Same Ole Boring Interior Style

Posted on October 26 2021

How To Move Away from The Same Ole Boring Interior Style

I would like to present to you an idea. An idea about your home, Interior Design and Interior Decorating. Something I discovered through experience after retraining to become an interior designer.

I learned to look at home, its function, practicality, space, design and decoration in a completely new way.

Before interior design school - Home - was a place to store things, provide shelter and hopefully look “nice”!

After interior design school - Home - became The Place for “self-expression”, increasing self-esteem and regaining confidence.

My discovery may not be new to you, as the saying goes “Nothing under the sun is new!” However, newness is subjective. And if what I’m about to share with you is something you’re hearing for the first time, when it comes to how you approach design, decorating and doing up your home…then I hope it will change everything!

Here’s the big discovery reveal!


Your Home is a Reflection of Your Inner Emotions

The simple discovery I made is that how you design, decorate and style your home is a reflection of your inner emotions.

Meta meaning that goes beyond how your space looks and functions or whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist (or anything between!)

The frame of mind when you’re in when creating your home story, all gets played out consciously and unconsciously in how you design your space.

I don’t believe this is a budget issue, although I’ve yet to explore that more. Right now, in the rawness of the discovery I think it’s more about what’s going on in your life and how connected and courageous you are creatively.

Moving Home - A Blank Canvas

When we moved several years ago, I was presented with a blank canvas of a beautiful, Victorian detached house. We were blessed to find this place, but I was reluctant to rush in and “Make it our own” by hurriedly painting everything white!

An aesthetic I’d subscribed to in our previous homes. Mostly because I was too scared to do anything else.  

In our previous home, a huge double fronted Victorian house overlooking a reservoir with stunning views of London, I was depressed, stuck, scared and apprehensive about most things.

I was desperately seeking a remedy to improve a chronic skin condition whilst simultaneously searching for my career life’s purpose. Both pursuits operated with an uncomfortable sense of urgency. It was exhausting.

Until one day, after a business idea I had failed, I just yelled STOP! Then I exhaled.

My inner state of fear played out in the story I told with the décor. It was “nice”...but safe, boring, bland.

Similar to how I approached my life. I played it safe. Too scared to be seen, to try new things, to be bold and be myself. My confidence was in the basement, my self-esteem under the floorboards.

Looking back I see a different person to the one I am now!

There was little to no colour, pattern, print or texture in the décor because I was too afraid to use it. I kept the house neat, clean and tidy, because I’m not good with dirt and grime. But the interior design and decoration were a direct reflection of my inner emotional state.



Playing with the Blank Canvas

When we moved in, I knew I’d be in charge of the design and decorating. But, I didn’t want to bring that same stuck, depressed, boring, bland, safe interior choice energy here.

I wanted to move away from making the same choices knowing that all I’d be doing was perpetuating the internal state I wanted to change.

So, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t do anything until I was sure of what I wanted to create. Doing up our new home presented itself as the opportunity to make some big changes in my life.

When the previous owners left, the house was a blank canvas. The walls were beige in every room. But I left them as they were until I got the inspiration to discover my décor language.

How to move away from the same ole boring style…

So, I’ve shared my big discovery.

How you tell your story in your home through the design and decoration is a direct reflection of your inner state and emotions.

Interior design & decoration are creative methods for regaining confidence, self-improvement and wonderful self expression. Because when you choose what you really want to do with your décor, your life will change.

I started by simply choosing something that scared me silly: colour! Then added some pattern, layered textures and introduced a softer, more romantic aesthetic.

And I’m here to help you to.

Here are some points to consider and get you on your way!

  1. Recognise this is a process, one that takes time and should be considered carefully. You’re creating a reflection of yourself remember!
  2. Trust yourself. I come from a life coaching & counselling background, where a strong belief is that you already know what you want. You may need to develop the courage to go for it!
  3. Start with my Power of 5- Choose 5 words to help you create the emotion, concept and feel you want for your place.
  4. Use visualisation to create your dream space
  5. Emotion, emotion, emotion - choosing how you want to feel when you tell your home story will inform how you want it look! - That’s where your five words come in!

This template is a start to changing your same ole boring interior style and choosing what you've been afraid of and noticing how that being confident in your choices impacts other areas of your life.

You're here, with me, someone who's already doing it.

Here are a few before and after pictures of the changes I’ve been making. This is just the start, as now my confidence has kicked in I want to go even bolder, more romantic and colourful!

I’d love your thoughts on the idea I’ve presented to you today. Do you believe your home is a reflection of your emotions?

If yes, which of your emotions is your home reflecting now?

Share with me in the comments below.

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