How to Quickly Add Drama to Your Living Room the Dark Romantix Way

Posted on June 10 2022

How to Quickly Add Drama to Your Living Room the Dark Romantix Way

In this post I’m going to concentrate on one amazingly quick way you can add a delicious dose of drama to your living room, the Dark Romantix way.

Ready. Here it is...

I gotta build it up a bit.


Break Your Own Interior Rules

Most of us follow rules in our spaces. Sometimes consciously, for instance, here’s one rule I’ve heard several times: you must paint the skirting, doors, architrave and woodwork white, even if your walls have colour.

Not true. I paint everything the same colour.

Sometimes unconsciously. Here’s another one: you must push all the furniture up against the wall to create more space in the centre of the room.

Again, not true. Having space behind a sofa, for instance can give the illusion of a bigger room.

Perhaps when it comes to our living rooms there are most definitely “rules” that we follow, without question.

For instance: one must have a sofa, a rug or carpet, a mirror above the mantle piece (if you have one), and a coffee table, with a tray of carefully arranged objets.

And don’t forget the twin lamps on matching side tables either end of the sofa. For balance.

Okay, that’s cool, if that’s the look you’re going for. But may I politely suggest following these “rules” could be why your living room is generic, samey and even formulaic.

Decorating your home within the confines of rules, does not a dramatic interior make.

No, that’s a sure route for fear, sameness and keeping up with the Joneses at number 24. Who are a lovely couple, but have you seen their living room?

For drama you’re going to have to be a risk taker, even if by your own standards breaking the rules means introducing a pink striped velvet cushion into your neutral collection.


Go Big or Go Home

Remember that tray of carefully arranged objets. Select one and supersize it. For the example in the photograph you can see that I’ve supersized the incredible glass vases and boy do they add a dramatic affect to my living room.

These vases I picked up from my local florists, they were selling them on as they no longer had use for them.

I walked past the shop window, and instantly saw their appeal. So I snapped up everything they had on offer, for less than £50.

Other examples of items you can supersize for dramatic effect: artwork, plants, especially those with larger leaf sizes and plant pots, wow!

Even ornaments. Think about bringing larger garden ornaments inside your home, for that dramatic, oversized look.

What you’re aiming for is making a statement, a big bold, can’t help but notice me declaration.

Choosing an item to supersize is an easy way to add drama to your living room, which will also create a focal point and be a conversation starter for when your friends and family come over.

Look out for larger items like vintage vases and old fashioned artwork, shop your local second hand stores.

For plants and plant pots visit your local garden shop.

I live near Crews Hill, Enfield. It's a great place to pick up plants at reasonable prices. For my flowers I usually go to Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning.

Make sure you measure the space you’re thinking of adding the item to and go for it.

Add some drama, the Dark Romantix way.



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