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How To Wing It In Style

Posted on November 13 2018

How To Wing It In Style

Are you doing your thing, running your business, working your dream job or acting on your calling...?

Can I ask, do you occasionally feel like you’re winging it?

It can be pretty rough, right, learning on your feet?

Even with skills and confidence it’s sometimes like secretly adding up on your fingers under a table, praying no one will see.

That’s me...been like it for years...but recently I’ve noticed something different. Better.

Style It Out

Learning on the job is unavoidable. My mind is often racing with tons of ideas. I’ve been easily lured off course and just recently came close to throwing everything into chaos by activating my Magpie sensor.

My Magpie sensor is me thinking of adding more projects alongside the ones I’m already doing.

But wait...this time, huge victory, I stopped myself. If you do this, even when you know you want to stay focussed, pull up a chair, this just might help.

I was about to lead myself up the proverbial garden path, instead I stopped to ask myself what the bl**p was going on...and found that when I arrive at a gap in my knowledge for a big topic, I go and find something else to do.

You know it’s called Avoidance!

Not a great strategy but one you eventually learn from after going round and round in circles. Unless that’s your bag, here's a tip to intercept the distraction, like catching a cold in a Kleenex!

Are you ready?

Read. That's it. Read, Learn Educate Yourself - Eureka!

Get that book off the shelf, follow an internet search, listen and watch the experts talk about the thing that scares you.

The subject I was trying to avoid: branding. A bit difficult now I’ve created a brand and want to learn how to grow it!

Read with the intention of absorbing knowledge, imagining what could happen if you used some of the tips.

Read with wonder then as soon as you can, implement one of the ideas.

Not rocket science I know, but the gap will start to shrink.

When I searched branding, I found that I’m naturally curious about the subject, interested in the culture and how it can help my business.

After a few hours of reading great blogs and listening to The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding on Audible I had an aha moment, a valuable distinction between a company and a brand.

Effectively, Sharon Simpson is the company and Dark Romantix is my brand. This is a good time to discover that difference, don't you think?

My brand is like my alter-ego. Separate from me it becomes its own entity, creating objectivity and opening up new possibilities.

Think Beyonce and Sasha Fierce. Richard Branson and Virgin. You can't have one without the other.

If you’re like me and want to change the way you do avoidance so you can stay focussed and avoid activating your version of a Magpie sensor...Read, Learn, Educate Yourself!

It's simple, cheap, portable, imaginative, challenging and rewarding.

Curious about branding? Start here like I did The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand and Create Authentic Brand Story.

Do it your way and stay unconventional

Got a super cool strategy to stay on track, help a sister out, share your tips in the comments section below...


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