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From Prison Cell Grey to Vibrant Woodland Green Video

Posted on August 22 2017

From Prison Cell Grey to Vibrant Woodland Green Video

The downstairs toilet of our north London home was painted a prison cell grey (by the previous owners). It was not a very inspiring or inviting place, felt cold all year round and was in need of a makeover.

I'm redecorating my house choosing dark colours moving away from white. It's a complete change. I want to create a bolder, more dramatic interior with dark, moody colours, beautiful textures and an eclectic style.

Rushing into decorating can be costly and time consuming, I've already repainted my bedroom to a deep, blue. It is a contrast from the stark white painted by the previous owners.

If you're experimenting with colour, my advice is to pick the smallest room in the house and go for it. That way you can try out different ideas and if they don't work you can easily change.

I know the W.C. is not a place we spend much time, but still, it should be a place of beauty.

In this video, I share my plans for the downstairs W.C. take a look then tune in for the next instalment....(apologies for the quality of video!)


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