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I Work In the Most Luxurious Boutique in London

Posted on October 01 2021

I Work In the Most Luxurious Boutique in London

African Lux Fashion House - Samson Soboye

I've work in the most luxurious boutique in all of London!

I'm a Sunday Girl....cue Blondie's 1979 hit.

For more than 20 years Samson Soboye has been tearing up the runway and serving his dedicated clients with his stunning, African Lux fashion.

Including Menswear, Womenswear, Interiors, Jewellery and Accessories the designer has lead the field in providing show stopping fashion made from vibrant African print fabrics.

The rest of the world is only now catching up!

Imagine my absolute delight in being offered a job in his eponymous boutique in Shoreditch.

Here's the skinny...

My wardrobe was looking drab, boring and a little dated! I decided to spice it up by adding some colour, pattern and pizzazz.

Just like I'm doing with my home!

I headed off to Soboye's boutique, knowing I'd find something unique and bold that would make me feel amazing and look good wherever I went.

Whilst I was sashaying around the store in one dazzling outfit after another, my conversation with Samson turned to work, in a moment I was having a job interview wearing sky high heels, a delicious emerald green pant suit, inspired by Studio 54 and a gorgeous reversible kimono!

When he offered me a job, I said yes on the spot. I started working a few weeks ago.

I love it. Samson is teaching me how to merchandise the window, given me free reign to dress the mannequins and serve the wonderful customers who walk through the door.

It's amazing to see the sheer delight on people's faces as they take in the cornucopia of magical items. From lavishly beaded necklaces, to polka dot jump suits.

Come visit, the store is open from Wednesday - Sunday. I'm there every Sunday

13 Calvert Avenue


E2 7JP

Here's a little collage of outfits I've put together merchandising the store, which is your favourite.

If you love to stand out, look good and feel amazing, come and be Soboyed!



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