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In With The Old...

Posted on December 18 2018

In With The Old...

It's half eight on a bright Sunday morning, I’m sitting on my sofa typing whilst listening to Led Zeppellin's IV played on an outdated piece of equipment: a record player!

Led Zep is not normally my bag, I usually play Erykah Badu or Janelle Monae, this is a new experience!

When we moved several years ago my husband wanted to get rid of all his records and our books, dvd’s, videos and tapes. I was gutted. I thought he wanted to chuck out years of our history.

He, of course, didn't see it like that.

We were using apps like Spotify, Kindle and Audible more frequently so all that other stuff took up space or didn't get used.

He was being practical.

I was being emotional.

We kept the books and the vinyl and got rid of the dvd’s and videos.

We reached a compromise!

In With The Old...

It all got delivered to the loft where it sat for several years. I worried about the records warping in the unusually baking hot summer, couldn’t remember which box had my advanced Spanish CD in and didn’t know if we’d ever get the albums out again.

Everything changed when we visited our non television owning friend. He lives by the coast, enjoys stunning sea views and dramatic skies whilst listening only to vinyl.

His single turntable and small stack of treasured albums provided us with a weekend of nostalgia, conversation and inspiration.

When we got home I pestered Kev to sort the electrics to get our turntable up and running. I crawled into the loft, retrieved several boxes full of records, dvd's, videos etc and he sorted the wiring.

We set the deck up in the front room, stacked the records next to it and play vinyl instead of the t.v. sometimes.

Like this morning, to keep me company, I pulled Led Zeppelin purely because I like sleeve artwork. I've never played it before.

If I’d listened to Kevin’s practical head over my emotional heart I wouldn't be having this new experience using this old equipment.

Just a thought!


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