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We're All Perfectly Flawed...New Design

Posted on November 27 2018

We're All Perfectly Flawed...New Design

The countdown to Christmas is on!

Are you looking forward to being with your loved ones? That's my favourite time at Christmas, because my boys actually want to hang out with us. Special occasions only!

Have you done any Christmas shopping?

...Me, neither!

I’ve noticed the market beginning to fill up with shoppers! This’ll be my first Christmas at Spitalfields! It’s a wonderful pleasure that I’ve met many of you there.

The face-to-face contact is essential for my business. How else can I grow. I get to find out what you love about Dark Romantix, our designs and styles. Your feedback has selected your favourite design...

Hands down it’s Rebel Angel. You guys love her! The design is an image of a winged woman, with the words Rebel Angel handwritten across the bottom.

I collaborated with my son on this one. I drew the wings, he drew her body. He’s an incredible comic book artist…check out his Instagram page to see what I mean. He’s my defacto art advisor!

It's been great hearing what the Rebel Angel design means to you: inner strength, super heroine, freedom, courage, confidence, femininity, determination, fierce - the descriptions are phenomenal. She’s well chuffed!

Perfectly Flawed…New Design

I have a new design to share with you, called: Perfectly Flawed. What does an image of a human skull with the words Perfectly Flawed scrawled across the bottom say to you?

Some people are freaked out by skulls and the thoughts they provoke. Whilst others, like me are fascinated.

Would you proudly wear this design on a t-shirt?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Write in the comments section below what you love or hate about this design. It'd be interesting...

Whilst you’re thinking about that, take a behind the scenes look (below) at how I created this design using photography, photoshop and handwriting...


 Look out for this new design in our shop...

And remember

Stay Unconventional


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