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How To Transform Your Interior With 5 Words? Really

Posted on August 16 2017

How To Transform Your Interior With 5 Words? Really

Thinking of redecorating your home?

What's your interior decor style?

Eclectic, Modern, Traditional, Urban, Scandi, Minimalist, Art Deco...?

If you don't know, grab some magazines, browse through, let your eye fall upon what moves you.

Many of us don't know what we want, we just know what we don't want!

When I worked as a hypnotherapist one of the questions I'd ask clients: how do you want to feel? Their answer would help me figure out how I was going to help them.

But, even then, most times they didn't know, it would take more questions, more probing.  But eventually we'd get there. Decorating is the same.

Just because you've decided you want to redecorate, doesn't mean you should be wandering around Ikea on a wet bank holiday!


Other questions to ask yourself:

How do I want to feel in this room?

How do I want to use this room?

Studying to become an interior designer at the Interior Design School, London exposing me to the process of interior design, improving my understanding and knowledge has helped me redecorate my home and be bolder in my decision making.

I'd like to share what I'm learning with you, if you're doing it yourself, especially choosing to style it dark and go for a dark interior.

At the beginning of any project, get your 5 words and write them down.

Choose feeling words, emotive words and design words. For instance, calm, relaxed, energised, comfortable, focussed, calm, sexy, organised, spacious, urban, eclectic...

Your 5 words will help narrow your focus, which is important at the start of your project. You'll probably change your mind a thousand times anyway, you just have to begin somewhere.


Don't Do Anything Until You Have Your Words!

Choose your five words first...and share them here, we can talk about your choices.

Take your time, if 5 words don't come to you immediately.

No worries, there's no rush.

Gather inspiration, flick through magazines, visit your favourtie places, jump on Pinterest or even better Instagram. Take photographs on your Smartphone, and if possible print them out.


I love Instagram there are plenty people sharing their home style transformations.

My Final Tip In This Post

Get yourself a notebook. At school we have to assign an A3 notebook to every project.

I cover mine with wall paper, reminds me of being a kid a school.


And everything to do with that project goes into the notebook.

A3 is probably too large for you to carry around, so go for A5, or even A4 if you like large handbags, like me!


So get to it...your task...5 less.

If you'd like help with your words, ask in the comments below or share what you came up with.




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