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About Us

About Us...well me really!

What you'll find in Dark Romantix Boutique

Our designs on our organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts, canvas wall art and soft furnishings are influenced by our unique story (read below). It is of transformation, contradictions and coming from a dark place surrounded by love. 

Things that shouldn't go together, but do!

Skulls and roses, rebels and angels, beautiful handwriting with bold messages.

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About Me

I was in a dark place surrounded by love, the contradiction didn’t go unnoticed. Dark Romantix is my transformation.

Imagine I’m a young mum, riding the euphoric cloud of unconditional love. I’m in love with my boyfriend, we’ve just started our family. Suddenly out of nowhere I develop an incurable skin condition. Doctor’s prognosis: Sorry! Nothing we can do.

I remember sitting in Dr Harris’s office as he told me that the biopsy I’d had two weeks before, confirmed Discoid Lupus, an auto immune condition, where the body attacks the skin, especially on the face!

It was like a nuclear bomb went off inside me, devastating everything in its path: my skin, my eyes, my mental health, my confidence and self esteem, plummeting me into the darkest depression with crippling anxiety and fear. It was miserable.

But...amongst the inner chaos I was surrounded by oceans of unconditional love. My boyfriend who later became my husband stuck by me. He could've left because I looked nothing like the person he'd married, and my boys, even when I looked like a scary Clingon from Star Wars, loved me. No questions.

The contradiction didn't go unnoticed...darkness and despair with love and light.

Life is amazing! That day in the doctor's office, I promised myself I would find a way to heal.

Dark Romantix is my creative expression of the transformation I’ve gone through since that diagnosis more than 20 years ago. I learned that two things that shouldn’t go together often do, both inside and out.

Darkness and Light. Beauty and Ugly. Love and Hate.


Whilst going through the worst of the depression and anxiety, I kept going being mum to our boys, looking after my husband and educating myself. 

I’m a self-taught photographer and I’ve been fortunate to have photographed musicians, singers, artistes, entrepreneurs and even sexy boudoir babes.

I've helped many people transform themselves personally and now moreso in their homes as I've since become an interior designer. I have a diploma and a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Coaching and Integrative Counselling respectively.

I ran my own private hypnotherapy practice, tutored on the hypnotherapy course where I got my diploma, volunteered at Mind, Crisis and as a counsellor at The West Indian Cultural Centre.

I have an eclectic style of learning which, for some years, baffled my husband but kept me on my toes! I’ve brought everything I love together into Dark Romantix, my online boutique, where you can shop for t-shirts, wall art, home decor and even interior decorating/design service.

Welcome to Dark Romantix


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