About Us



I'm Sharon Simpson, Founder and Head Creative @DarkRomantixDesign.

This is a really exciting time to be entering into the fascinatingly gorgeous world of interiors. People just like you are realising they can do more with their homes and are looking for fresh, unique, independent designers to draw inspiration from.

We're an interior design studio working with you from concept to completion. When you get your interior design, decorating and styling right, trust me, it changes your life.

It did for me!

In my experience breaking free from self imposed design rules is the liberation to creating a home that tells your very own story.

It's amazing...if you're ready....and up for it!

Boutique Residential & Home Décor

We are a residential boutique interior design studio (that means we're bijoux!), home décor shop and online education centre (coming soon).

We work in collaboration with you to create a home to reflect your personality. Yes, it's functional, but most of all badass that oozes, style, character and emotion!

We also have our home décor range: The Ranunculus Collection! A series of uniquely elegant designs featuring stunning black female figures against a backdrop of floral fantasy.

Across lampshades, fine art prints and luscious velvet cushions, these are statement pieces that will add that rockstar touch of glamour to your interior.

When you upgrade your interior you upgrade your life. The connection is unmistakeable. You'll see a difference in your confidence, your relationships and even how you dress!

Especially when you take that leap.

That's what we're here for, to get you to open that door.

A rockstar interior is you proclaiming your best, most audacious, daring, eclectic self. With the right concept, inception, project management, styling, textures, layers and colours you will claim your space with your personality, whilst telling your unique story.

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